Pinewood Flush Door Uses:

  1. Widely Used in Residential (Main Doors, Room Doors, Bathroom Doors)
  2. Use in Commercial or Industrial Site
  3. Use in New Bungalows or Apartment sites

Advantages | Pros of Flush Doors

  • There are so many benefits of using flush doors over other regular ones. They have many other qualities that make them far superior to regular doors.
  • its designs are very simple so they are cheap in cost and easily available.
  • These doors are stiff, impactresistant, and possess high strength.
  • These doors never warp with time, as they are made of rectangular softwood blocks on the inside.
  • These doors are attractive, traditional, and rich in appearance.
  • These doors are not heavier in weight than regular plywood doors and can be easily installed and operated in everyday use.
  • These doors can be used in both areas interior and exterior as well.
  • These doors are decay-proof. The chemical treatment makes these doors termite and fungi-free.
  • The material cost in making these doors is very less and hence, these doors are more economical.

Pinewood Flush Door’s wooden frame is made from 100% pinewood. Pinewood is lighter and borer free wood, thus make door more reliable for residential purpose. These wooden frames are covered by plywood core & face veneer on both the sides of door. Thus these doors are stronger and have better sound proof quality. These doors are perfect for interior use because of following reasons:

  • Light weight
  • Borer free
  • Easily Cut able and can use glass
  • Joint less surface
  • Uniform Thickness

Size: 78*32
Category: DOORS
Sub Category: FLUSH DOORS
Price: 1980.00

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