Doors are an important requirement and element in every home and should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also have features like durability, strength, water & heat resistance and it should not warp with time.

It is said that the first impression is usually the last and this is true, especially in our homes. So, the entrance creates a lasting impression on visitors’ minds but somehow doors remain unnoticed either they are elegantly done.

Advantages | Pros of Flush Doors

  • There are so many benefits of using flush doors over other regular ones. They have many other qualities that make them far superior to regular doors.
  • its designs are very simple so they are cheap in cost and easily available.
  • These doors are stiff, impactresistant, and possess high strength.
  • These doors never warp with time, as they are made of rectangular softwood blocks on the inside.
  • These doors are attractive, traditional, and rich in appearance.
  • These doors are not heavier in weight than regular plywood doors and can be easily installed and operated in everyday use.
  • These doors can be used in both areas interior and exterior as well.
  • These doors are decay-proof. The chemical treatment makes these doors termite and fungi-free.
  • The material cost in making these doors is very less and hence, these doors are more economical.

Size: 78*32
Category: DOORS
Sub Category: FLUSH DOORS
Price: 1350.00

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